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Digi Creations Pty Ltd

Hoedspruit, Limpopo. South Africa, 1380

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I went on to major in English when studying for my teaching Diploma and taught English to first and second language English speaking pupils in a 25-yearlong teaching career. I left teaching 15 years ago to join my husband, a conservationist, in the conservation/tourism industry and we have been working together in that industry ever since. During this time I have found that writing, editing and proofreading newsletters, monthly reports, annual reports and marketing materials has become part of my everyday work.

To further my knowledge in the field of editing, I studied for a Diploma in Copy Editing and Proofreading. Once qualified, I went on to start VERBIS so that I could offer a professional copy editing and proofreading service to clients who wish to present documents with a professional finish.

My qualifications include:

HDE – UZKN  (Edgewood College campus 1982)

Certificate in Environmental Education (Rhodes University – 2005)

Diploma in Copy Editing and Proofreading (Blackford Centre –UK – 2017)

My love for words and storytelling was nurtured in my childhood by my dad who would tell me fantastical bedtime stories. Later, I was mesmerized by the poetry and language of those first Shakespearian plays studied in high school, and my love for the written word was further nourished by Dickens, Austen, Twain, Tolkien and so many more.